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Specialist Handling

We provide storage facilities, transportation, and distribution facilities compliant with GDP standards for ...

specialist vaccines, life-saving medicines, cryogenic materials, patient blood, tissue, and sensitive DNA samples.

Timely Distribution

Our experts collaborate with clients to provide solutions ensuring delivery deadlines are met

Temperature Control

Maintaining the temperature of your product throughout the supply chain is our priority.


We coordinate with our customers recipients and all parties to deliver the treatment at the most convenient date and time.


Global Distribution

We deliver anywhere in the world, no matter the location

Specialist Storage

Our GDP compliant Hub facilities offer storage for ...

Ambient +15 to 25°C, Cold +2 to 8°C, Frozen -15 to-25°C, Deep Frozen -44°C and Cryogenic storage -150 to-273°C

Vaccine Trial Storage & Distribution

We can support businesses that need to manage the storage and distribution of vaccine trials within the EU, to the UK and Internationally

Direct To Patient Logistics

We deliver treatment directly to patients reducing their need for travel and allowing our clients to increase patient populations to wider geographic locations.

Secure Packaging

We supply robust temperature-controlled shipping systems both active and passive for all temperature ranges with temperature loggers ensuring product integrity

Additional Packaging

We provide over-labelling and secondary packaging facilities for clinical trial medicines. 


Customised Support

Our solutions are tailored to your product and patient requirements by providing expert guidance on all logistical services

Flexible, dedicated service

We collaborate with our clients to develop a flexible and dedicated service to meet their requirements for each order. 

Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated teams are on hand to ensure that accountability and integrity are maintained throughout the process.

Full Support

Our experts can fully support your needs for storage and distribution no matter the size or location of your consignment or project.


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